South Plains Chapter of Football Officials


Frequently Asked Questions:


1.      How much money will I make?

Sub-varsity games pay ~$40/game. Varsity games will pay $40-$80 per game. This is calculated by the gate.


2.    How will I be prepared?

We offer weekly meetings with specialized classroom training for newer officials. In addition, we will have on field training and scrimmage in August. There will also be a rules clinic in July.


3.    What will my expenses be?

You will need to buy a uniform and equipment. The cost of this runs ~150.00. We have a boutique of equipment to help some of the newer officials with cost the first year.


4.    Will I get to work any games?

Typically as a first year official you will get to work a couple of varsity games. You will also get to work as many sub-varsity games.


5.    How do I get to work more games?

Show up, do a good job and let people know you want to work. People are watching and will take note of those who take care of business. Talk to Bobby Brown and Glen Morton if you are looking for more work.


6.    Who is TASO?

Texas Association of Sports Officials this is the state governing body. TASO sets the guidelines for ranking officials in Division 1-5. Your ranking is based on points accumulated during each season. You will start as a Division 5, and can move to Division 4 in usually 2-3 years.


7.    Will I have to take a test?

You will need to pass a written exam prior to working games. This is what the meetings in August are for. After you first year you will always take your exam online.


8.    What if I have more questions?

Start by checking out all the sections of our website.

A lot of information is at this site. In addition once you pay your dues, you will get login information from the secretary, Ken Patterson. Once you log in you can set up your preferences. All assignments will be made through the website and you will need to accept or reject your assignments on the website.


Our registration form can be downloaded at


9.    How I do know what to do on the field?

Read the Mechanics Manual. You will need to look at 4 & 5 Man mechanics. Both of these documents need to be read and understood. These documents will show you where you need to be and where your eyes should be.


10.                        What Rules do we use?

In Texas we use the NCAA Rule book with UIL exceptions.You will be given a rule book by the secretary. A copy of the rulebook can also be found online at our website.